Internet Acquiring: online bank card payments on your website


Functionality - Accepting payments directly on your site online from anywhere in the world. The two-stage authorization of payments. Payments in one click. Customization pages. Convenient personal cabinet. Possibility of invoicing. Formation of accepted payments reports.


Safety - WEBPAY supports advanced security technologies 3D Secure and micropayments. The system complies with the international standard when working with bank credit cards PCI DSS 3.2


Support - Qualified local support of WEBPAY experts on the organization of receiving payments and payments itself at all stages

Favourable tariffs


  • Bank Commission а3%
  • WEBPAY Commission0%
  • Subscription fee10BYN
  • Connection is free


  • Bank Commission а2,3%
  • WEBPAY Commission0,7%
  • Subscription fee10BYN
  • Connection is free


  • Bank Commission а3%
  • WEBPAY Commission0%
  • Subscription fee0BYN
  • Connection is free

MTBank (Halva and Halva+)

  • Bank Commission аindividually%
  • WEBPAY Commission0%
  • Subscription fee10BYN
  • Connection is free

A few steps before receiving actual payments


Fill out an application


Get the access to the test environment and all the necessary information from the manager, check the site for compliance with requirements


Confirm your willingness to connect, informing the manager and get a contract


Sign the contract, prepare documents, send to our office


We will send documents to the acquiring bank. After signing the documents from the bank and WEBPAY, we set up a system for real-accepting payments on your website


We provide information to work with WEBPAY system and you start receiving payments

Do you have questions about the connection of Internet acquiring? Write to us at Answers to frequently asked questions you will find here.